Our Story

Hi, I’m Adam

I founded Love Nursing in 2016 with my Dad who was due to retire in March 2017 after over 30 years’ dedication to the NHS.

Working in healthcare myself for over 10 years in both the NHS and private sector, I’ve witnessed how dependent patients and families can be on service provision and how a poor service can impact their lives.

I’ve seen how changes in management, ownership and culture at organisations can lead to unfulfilled promises, poor communication, gaps in service and an overall decline in the quality of care being delivered.

I talked with my Dad about my vision of creating a healthcare provider which delivers what it promises. A company with good people who love what they do. I wanted to prove that you don’t need to be a huge corporate organisation to deliver high-quality nursing care at home.

Sadly, just as we were planning our venture, my Dad passed away quite suddenly in 2016, aged 59. He didn’t realise his dream of becoming a company director. He did, however, inspire me to turn my vision into a reality.

So, with the help of some wonderful people who I’ve met along the way, I decided to go for it. To create something which is robust but friendly. A local company that doesn’t have an executive board, but does have strong professional relationships with local people who are specialists in their field.

A company with good people who love what they do.


Adam Latham,

Founder & CEO

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